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Tips for Good Website Design

Six Basic Tips for Good Website Design
In spite of the constant changes that happen to build a successful website there are some guidelines which are useful.

1. Avoiding Splash Pages:

Splash pages often portray low quality website design and also reflect the operation of the business in volumes. Studies have shown that splash pages attract lesser viewers and lower the traffic to around 25% as it is not much preferred by the regular internet users. The welcome and also the click button that appears in a website give a wrong image of the site. Additionally flash pages cannot be correctly optimized by search engine and lack basic information. The popular search engines cannot take a poor website to reach its optimum results. These pages may lower the revenue amount that is expected.

2. Navigating Easily Through the Site:

Though it is easy for the maker to easily navigate through the site after going through all the contents, it is not always possible for the first time user to do so.  Hence, it is very important and the primary responsibility of a website designer to create buttons that can easily link the title of the service and easy for people to understand. A good navigation button ensures easy clicking of the buy button when any visitor enters the website and wishes to buy any product or services. Generally people lose patience in using and finding out the buttons if they are not specified and up to the point. It builds a natural frustration to the visitor and the site tends to lose its customer. Mislabeling should be completely avoided in designing a website as it will not give any scope to get back the return visitors who will help in getting more earning opportunities.

3. Avoiding Frustration Through Flash Pages:

With proper navigational buttons and website designing tools graphic pages appear great with occasional messages put into it. But in general, traffic becomes lower as the viewers become irritated with using graphic flash pages as they are like a stop button. In case of improvising the procedure of the website design, it is important to have a close button the flash page so that it can be easily moved or forwarded.

 4. Fewer Amounts of Banner Advertisements:

Banner advertisement mode is quite annoying for even the internet users whether new or active. It is hardly anytime that these banners get observed by viewers. For proper marketing tool it is always beneficial to build a customer friendly atmosphere where the push in buying the product is not there rather than it should come automatically with a good design. Banner ads from same companies may reduce the value of website and decrease the revenue by tarnishing the reputation of the site.

5. Reminding the Whereabouts of the User:

A visitor once clicks any button of the website it is a great idea in making him remind his place of interest so that he gets to stay in the page for a longer span of time.

6. Avoiding Audio Usage of Site:

Audio control is highly desirable as it can be muted whenever needed. Using audio in website design is a quicker way to attach more and more visitors in the site.


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