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The About Us Page on your Website Needs to Make a Big Impact

The About Us page on a website often gets the least attention from the owners of the business, but it may be the one page that visitors judge you by.

How often have you heard the refrain "Just put in the History of the Company which I’ll send to you on a Word document written in 1986, and you can add the CVs of the Promoters." Does that sound even remotely interesting?

This is the age of Social Media, where communication is key, and the average browser on the Net has a short attention span. One lesson that Social Media has taught us is that people like doing business with someone they know. And that’s the power of crafting a good About Us page. You give your customers a look into who you are and what your company believes in, and you build the trust they need to move forward with your business.

5 Must-Haves for the About Us Page:

  1. Tell a Story: Stop for a moment and think about what your company stands for. Now make it personal. Describe some experiences you’ve had running your company, or look around at what you’ve created and talk about what your company represents. Don’t just recount the entire history of the firm, or leave a standard Mission Statement floating on the page. Tell people why you’re different, and what your values are.

  2. Build Trust: There are probably lots of companies out there doing what you do. Why should a customer trust you with their business? Build credibility by describing professional associations you belong to, people you have collaborated with, awards you have won, and industry causes you support. If you are an environmentally-friendly company, this is a good place to talk about it.

  3. Use Real Images: When somebody clicks on the About Us page, they want to check you out. Are you real? Support your story with pictures – but please, no stock photos! Use pictures of your team, your office, or your outlets to reassure people that this is a real company they’re doing business with.

  4. Let People Get to Know You Better: Provide links to other places people can find you on the Net, like Facebook, Twitter or another social forum. By providing links to these sites, people can judge how you respond as a company, and are reassured that you would be easy to get hold of if something went wrong. It’s all about building trust, and ultimately that’s what persuades people to buy from you.

  5. Don’t Forget SEO: There’s no point having an interesting About Us page if nobody finds it. Make sure that you incorporate SEO into your About Us page so that you rank highly with Search Engines, and more traffic comes your way. Use your About Us page to make a Sale by getting your visitors interested in your company and the people behind the products or services you are trying to sell.
Let your About Us page live up to its full potential by playing an active part in driving your online traffic and impacting your business.


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